08 aug 2020 | Terrasse Stage

Bon Entendeur is a decidedly singular project, born from the collective passion of three friends – Arnaud Bonet, Pierre Della Monica, and Nicolas Boisseleau – united by musical obsession, a love for French culture and the enthralling idea of hybrid formats fueled by their mutual passions. Aller-Retour is the culmination of these passions, of beautiful ideas bunched together on an album of its own kind, unique in its genre.

Their adventure began with a rather classic approach of creating playlists out of the music they love. Over time, they began adding what would soon become their trademark: the sampled voice-overs of French celebrities, which they blend into their mixes. A format they’ve upheld for over 5 years, with 40 mixtapes and over 70 million plays, developing a seal of the highest approval in the process.

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