Donation / Refund

As you may know, the actual circumstances have led to the postponement of the 15th edition of les Plages Électroniques to August 6,7,8 of 2021.

Since this announcement, we have worked with our partner Weezevent to be able to propose the best solutions to ticket owners.

It took some time, so thank you for your patience.


Without the Plagistes, les Plages Électroniques wouldn’t exist, and it’s never have been so true since its postponement threaten its business model, essentially based on self-financing.

Should you possess a ticket or not, you now have the possibility to support the Festival.

Donors and those who keep their ticket will receive the line-up exclusively !


Plagistes are family :
you don’t have a ticket but you want to support the Festival by making a donation.

Your donations will allow us to cover the costs and pay the workers and providers for the work they already achieve for this edition.

You bought your ticket on this website,
here are the options we propose:


You are a faithful plagiste and you want to keep your ticket as it’s valid for the 2021 edition. We will send you an updated version of your ticket by email. You just need to take it and come to party with us next year. It’s simple and it’s the best way to support the Festival !


You are a true lover of les Plages : you have the possibility to donate your whole ticket or just a part to support the Festival.


You are a plagiste on a pass : you prefer your ticket to be refunded.
❗️Warning: You have a month to ask for the refund on our website (August 7). After this date the validity of your ticket will automatically be postponed to 2021.


Thank you for your support, your displays of affection. Thank your for being part of the great family of the plagistes. From the kind word to the wave of solidarity, each attention is precious and help us to imagine our 15 years with you !

I’d like to keep my ticket for next year, what should I do?

our ticket is valid for the 2021 edition the 6,7,8 August of 2021. You’ll automatically receive an updated version by email once the period for refund request closed.

I bought a one day ticket, is it valid for the same day of next year? Can I change the day?

Yes, for example if you have a ticket for Friday August 7th of 2020, it will be valid for Friday August 6th of 2021. If you wish to exchange for another day, you’ll be able to ask for it at

Until when can I send my refund request?

You can ask for a refund until 7 August, 23h59.

How much time after asking for it will my ticket be refunded?

It will be refunded after the dedicated period (from July 20) and max 15 days after that.



How will my donation be used?

It’ll be used to cover the costs and pay the workers and providers for the work they already achieve for this edition. It’ll help the festival to still exist.

I pre-charged my cashless account, can I keep it or get refunded?

If you keep your ticket, you keep your cashless account charged. If you ask for refund of your ticket, your ticket AND cashless will be refunded. For some reason or another, if you want to keep your ticket but get refunded of your cashless, please reach us at

I didn’t find the answer to my question, what can I do?

You can reach us at