general Info & access

What are the opening hours of the festival?


Friday, August 9th: 2pm to 12pm
After party of Friday: 12pm to 5am
Saturday, August 10th: 2pm to 12pm
After party of Saturday: 12pm to 5am
Sunday 11th August: 15h30 to 00h30
After party of Sunday : 12pm to 5am


Can I leave the festival site and come back later?


No, all exits are final.


What are the different possibilities of payment allowed in the festival?


Only Cashless and Lyfpay payments are accepted for any payment in the festival: bars, food trucks, merchandising stand.


Can we drink and eat in the festival?


Food trucks and food stands are present on the festival site. Remember to allow a budget if you want to eat.
Drinks coming from outside are forbidden on the site of the festival (alcohol, plastic bottle (type water bottle, milk …), bottle / container or any other object in glass, water bottle, can).


Is there parking near the festival?


Parkings in the area:

– Suquet Fortville
– Ferrage
– Lamy
– Palais des Festivals



The organization declines any responsibility in case of accident, damage or theft on the car parks. No insurance can be taken.


Are there cloakrooms?


A cloakroom and instructions will be available inside the site to allow you to drop off your coats, jackets and other items that you do not need on site during the evening.


Is access to minors allowed?


Minors are allowed to enter the site, however they must provide an ID in case of control. Remember that the sale of alcohol is prohibited to minors ! After parties are prohibited to minors !


Is it possible to buy my ticket directly on the day of the festival?


Yes, if the tickets have not already been sold out.


Do I have to print my ticket?


It is best to print your ticket on an A4 sheet, but you can also have it on your phone as an e-ticket.


I have a ticket with a name different from mine, is that a problem?


No, the names on the tickets are not controlled at the entrance of the festival, it is the barcodes of the tickets that are scanned. However, it is mandatory to carry a piece of identification to certify that you are a not minor.


What if I have a problem with my order or my ticket?


You can contact our ticketing service on: On site, you can get in touch with a receptionist if you have a problem. Be careful not to block the queue.


Do I need a special ticket as a Person with Reduced Mobility?


No, if you are a mobility impaired person, you must purchase your entrance ticket to the festival on the general ticketing section of the website. On arrival at the entrance, you can then make yourself known to a security officer, who will allow you to access the festival through dedicated facilities.


Alcohol, plastic bottle (water bottle type, milk …), bottle / container or any other object in glass, water bottle, can.


Weapon, sharp object, blunt or dangerous (even artificial), umbrella with a sharp pointing end.


Illicit substances. It is strictly forbidden to consume or sell drugs during the festival. Any breach of the law may result in expulsion.


Drugs: Only allowed with adequate prescription.


All bags are forbidden (with the exception of small women’s handbags). Reinforced security checks at entrances, searches and palpations required. It will be possible to drop the bags at the entrance.


Recording device for images or sound (other than smartphone), audio broadcast device, megaphone, selfiestick, laser pointer.


The use of drones.


Canister (tin type), beverage carton (tetra pak type), metal can, barrel, water bag (camelback type), cooler.


Marking, spray can of paint.


Distribution of leaflets, flyers, tracts, promotional posters (except if you have an authorization).


Fireworks, Bengal fire, flare.


Animals (except guide dogs for the blind or accompanying).


And anything that could be considered dangerous for the organizer. This list can be adapted or completed at any time by the organizer.


Any sale not authorized by the organizer is strictly prohibited. Any confiscated item will be automatically destroyed on site


In the current context, very strict measures have been taken in accordance with the reinforced Vigipirate plan and the Prefecture.

Securing the public has become a top priority in the organization of such an event.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of instructions put in place:
Systematic search of the public to filter out forbidden possessions
Systematic checks of each person working at the event (organizers, security agents, technicians, volunteers and artists)
Securing enhanced access with an increased number of security agents.
All bags are forbidden (with the exception of small female handbags). Reinforced security device at entrances, searches and palpations required.


Legal notice

We inform you that the event in which you participate is filmed and photographed, your image may appear in one of our video recordings or in one of our photo reports, which will be used for commercial or promotional purposes. You have the right to access the use of your image. Just ask us by mail to the following address:

reports photo, qui seront utilisés à des fins commerciales ou promotionnelles.


Vous bénéficiez d’un droit d’accès à l’utilisation de votre image.
Il suffit de nous en faire la demande par mail à l’adresse suivante :