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Ticketing - Frequent questions

Is it possible to buy my ticket directly on the day of the festival?


Yes, if the tickets have not already been sold out.


Do I have to print my ticket?


It is best to print your ticket on an A4 sheet, but you can also have it on your phone as an e-ticket.


I have a ticket with a name different from mine, is that a problem?


No, the names on the tickets are not controlled at the entrance of the festival, it is the barcodes of the tickets that are scanned. However, it is mandatory to carry a piece of identification to certify that you are a not minor.


What if I have a problem with my order or my ticket?


You can contact our ticketing service on: On site, you can get in touch with a receptionist if you have a problem. Be careful not to block the queue.


Do I need a special ticket as a Person with Reduced Mobility?


No, if you are a mobility impaired person, you must purchase your entrance ticket to the festival on the general ticketing section of the website. On arrival at the entrance, you can then make yourself known to a security officer, who will allow you to access the festival through dedicated facilities.