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Cashless Mode d'Emploi

What is cashless?

It is a dematerialized payment system used on most events. The Cashless will be the only way to make your payments (drinks, catering, merchandising…).


Do I have to pay for the Cashless's system ?

No ! It is 100% free, I only pay what I get to consume, without management fees.

How and where do I get my Cashless's wristband ?

Two possibilities :

  • First, I have already created my account on this page: I get my wristband at the festival entrance right before the access control, so I can directly go to the bar.
  • Secondly, I haven’t created my account : after the access control, meet us at one of  our Cashless points!

Why do I have to create an account before ?

Because it is faster : my wristband is already charged and is ready to work, I can directly go to the bar. It is also more practical, as I can have the details of all my consumption directly on the app, and I can recharge my account if I need to. Besides, the system is totally safe: in case of loss or stealing, I have the possibility of deactivate and get a new wristband.

What to do if I lose my wristband?

I have already charged my cashless wristband, I go ASAP to a cashless bank to deactivate my wristband.

If I have charged on site, as the wristband is not personalized, it is therefore lost.

How to recharge my wristband onsite?

I have already charged my cashless wristband, i can do it again on the website witch the cashless widget.

If I don’t have a wristband, I go to the cashless banks onsite.

Min and max deposit on the wristband

The wristband is free, 1€ minimum deposit for the creation and 250€ max recharge.

Before the festival

Before the festival, you can recharge online and create an account on the website or the app. During the purchase of your ticket, you can pre-charge your account with the amount of your choice.

During the festival

During the event, you can charge your cashless account by two ways :

  • with your smartphone on the website or the app
  • at the “cashless ticket offices” on the spot.

You can recharge your account as many times as you want, before and during the event.

After the festival

For a refund of your cashless bracelet, enter your email address above in the “Cashless Area” box on the Cashless page of the Plages website.


Refunds are possible from the end of the event until 15 september 2019 on this page.

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